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The Path of a New Perspective: Our Mission

HTP Homes insists that no human is expendable and everyone deserves a second chance. For those society has forgotten—at-risk individuals and those impacted by the judicial system—HTP Homes provides the construction, job readiness, and life skills needed to be productive and successful members of their communities.

We’ve all experienced the repetitive cycle of behaviors leading to undesirable outcomes. When we reach the point where enough is enough, a shift in perspective opens the door to a passion for change. At HTP Homes, we celebrate that transformative moment when individuals are ready to embrace something different but may lack the strength or tools to do it alone. That’s where we come in, fostering a team-based approach.

It Takes a Team
to Build a Dream

HTP Homes recognizes that our members have faced tough circumstances, from broken homes to abuse and poverty. We believe that everyone deserves a chance at a dignified, empowering, and inspiring life. Our program is built on a foundation of care, listening to each individual's unique story and addressing the root causes of their challenges.


Helping starts with individuals recognizing the need for change and desiring assistance. We provide a foundation built on dignity, respect, and tolerance, offering a caring team dynamic focused on their success. Listening without judgment, we delve into their stories, identifying triggers and tension points. Through emotional, psychological, and tactical support, we equip them to overcome obstacles, undergo skill training, develop leadership abilities, and establish trust among their peers.


Discipline, teamwork, and skill development are vital aspects of our program. We focus on trade skills in construction, providing hands-on training and the opportunity to earn valuable accreditations and certifications. Leadership training enhances problem-solving abilities and fosters a culture of trust, reliability, and care among teammates.


HTP Homes goes beyond physical shelter. We create a supportive family of individuals dedicated to forging a new path together. Our members become proven mentors, speakers for change, and inspirational leaders within their communities. We offer ongoing support, ensuring no one is left behind during life’s challenges.

“We’re going to teach these young people how to grow. Teach them skills – carpentry skills, electrical skills, plumbing skills. We’re going to help them to a point that they can earn a good earnest living in life. And that’s what it’s all about.”

Aaron Thompson, HTP Homes Co-Founder and CEO

Bringing economic
stability and housing
availability to Baltimore.


HTP Homes works with public agencies, private corporations and high-impact community organizations. Together, we offer our program participants a holistic approach to training, job readiness and full employment.