We change lives
one nail at a time

Helping, Training & Providing Homes to Underserved Baltimore Communities

HTP Homes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to lift up underserved Baltimore communities by providing skills-based construction training for at-risk and justice-involved young adults. We offer a pathway to a living wage and sustainable employment opportunities for our program participants while simultaneously renovating houses in disinvested neighborhoods to help bring economic growth to our city.

We change lives one nail at a time.

Lifting up communities
left behind.

Illustration of Baltimore row houses


HTP Homes Inc. believes that no human is expendable and everyone deserves a second chance. We teach construction and job readiness skills to at-risk and justice system involved individuals. We strive to empower each person we serve to be productive and successful members of their communities.


Long-term neighborhood growth and sustainability are dependent on the availability of a skilled and educated workforce. This is where HTP Homes steps in with our “earn and learn” job pathway model that provides the skills needed for careers in the construction industry.


To help bring long-term financial stability to underserved Baltimore communities, we acquire vacant properties that serve as rehabilitation projects to train at-risk and justice-involved young adults. Program participants learn construction-trade skills that help facilitate permanent employment and livable wages.


We’re bringing economic stability and housing availability to the neighborhoods that need it most by rehabilitating vacant properties and providing safe and secure homes.

“We’re going to teach these young people how to grow. Teach them skills – carpentry skills, electrical skills, plumbing skills. We’re going to help them to a point that they can earn a good earnest living in life. And that’s what it’s all about.”

Aaron Thompson, HTP Homes Co-Founder and CEO

Bringing economic
stability and housing
availability to Baltimore.


HTP Homes works with public agencies, private corporations and high-impact community organizations. Together, we offer our program participants a holistic approach to training, job readiness and full employment.