Changing lives
one nail at a time.

Helping, Training, & Providing Homes to Underserved Baltimore Communities

HTP Homes is a nonprofit organization working to lift up communities in Baltimore that have been left out during times of economic recovery. We provide skills-based construction training programs for historically underrepresented, at-risk young adults and those who were formerly incarcerated. The vacant houses we acquire are in need of rehabilitation and serve as on-site, hands-on training and education facilities. We are providing a pathway to a living wage and sustainable employment opportunities, while simultaneously renovating houses in disinvested neighborhoods to help bring economic growth to Baltimore.

We are changing lives one nail at a time.

Lifting up communities
left behind.

Illustration of Baltimore row houses


HTP Homes insists that no human is expendable and everyone deserves a second chance. For those who society has forgotten, we provide the tools and skills needed to bring participants to full incorporation into our communities.


The socioeconomic traits in Baltimore City stand in stark contrast to Baltimore County and Maryland, the richest state in the nation. Consistently high unemployment rates, especially amongst young adults, feed into a lingering economic inequality. Baltimore’s 2017-2020 Local Workforce Plan (revised in 2019) estimates that there will be a hiring demand of as many as 11,000 construction jobs that require some level of on-the-job or apprenticeship training between 2012 and 2020. A recent Career Cast report of the toughest jobs to fill estimates a 12% increase in construction laborer jobs from 2019 through 2024.

We believe that long-term neighborhood growth and sustainability is dependent on the availability of a skilled and educated workforce. This is where HTP Homes steps in with our earn and learn job pathway model providing skills needed for careers in the construction industry.


Our goal is to bring long-term financial stability to Baltimore families and the community at large. To help reach that goal, we acquire vacant properties in Baltimore that will serve as rehabilitation projects to train at-risk young adults and formerly incarcerated individuals in construction skills. Through hands-on training — often times with small, minority-owned local contractors — participants in our program learn valuable construction trade skills that facilitate transition to permanent employment and livable wages.


To realize our mission, we acquire vacant properties in need of rehabilitation in disinvested neighborhoods of Baltimore. Through public-private partnerships, we bring jobs, economic stability and housing availability to neighborhoods that need it most.

Helping communities thrive, training for sustainable jobs, providing safe and secure homes. That’s HTP Homes.


“We’re going to teach these young people how to grow. Teach them skills – carpentry skills, electrical skills, plumbing skills. We’re going to help them to a point that they can earn a good earnest living in life. And that’s what it’s all about.”
– Aaron Thompson, HTP Homes Co-Founder and CEO

Bringing economic
stability and housing
availability to Baltimore.


HTP Homes will work with city, state and federal agencies and high-impact community organizations to bring economic stability and housing availability to historically underserved and under-resourced neighborhoods in Baltimore.




Your donation ensures that HTP Homes can continue to provide a pathway to living wage and sustainable employment opportunities, while simultaneously renovating houses in disinvested neighborhoods.

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